Pure Rave

40 Classic rave tunes from the late ’80s and early ’90s over two incredible compilation volumes.

Download Volume 1 now at iTunes only $8,99 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pure-rave-the-very-best-of-old-skool-vol-1/id1032699569

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So how do you find out where the EDM explosion originated from? Heres a great place to start and get educated! 80s & earlier 90s UK rave culture is having a resurgence globally of late. With the buzz around the forthcoming ‘This is England ‘90’ Channel 4 UK TV series and, press and social media packed with packed with stories about the glory days of raving & clubbing, it’s original fans alongside the next generation of ravers, are as keen as ever to embrace the movement that changed youth culture, and dance music forever.

Pure Rave selects 20 of the finest in old skool classics, which sound as exciting and vital today, as they did 25 years ago, carefully curated and mixed by Pure – the No.1 Dance & Urban compilation & EDM brand.

The Pure album series originally started in the 90s by Danny Donnelly, who was also head honcho of the iconic rave & jungle label, Suburban Base. Over the years Pure have sold millions of albums, curating genres such as Garage, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Grime, R&B, and much more.

Pure Rave is the perfect album for anyone feeling nostalgic about the halcyon days of 90s UK music, or for any new fans looking for an education into the scene and where EDM all started from.

Pure Rave is available across all leading download and streaming platforms: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and many more.


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VOLUME 1 Tracklist

  1. Nomad – (I Wanna Give You) Devotion
  2. M&M feat. Rachel Wallace – I Feel This Way (Beefed Up Remix)
  3. CLS – Can You Feel It (House Dub)
  4. Rebel MC – Tribal Bass (Original Foundation Mix)
  5. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out
  6. Terrorize – It’s Just A Feeling
  7. Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground
  8. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows
  9. The Terrorist – The Chopper (Shy FX VIP)
  10. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (DJ SS Remix)
  11. Solution – What Can I Do
  12. Remarc – R.I.P
  13. Charmaine – I Get What I Want (Lewi Dub)
  14. DJ Hype – Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix)
  15. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Mix)
  16. Slipmatt – Breaking Free
  17. DJ Rap & Aston – Vertigo (Tumbling Mix)
  18. SMD – SMD#1A
  19. Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Sound of Music)
  20. Smart E’s – Sesame’s Treet (Vocal Mix)

VOLUME 2 Tracklist

  1. Rachel Wallace – Tell Me Why (M&M Full Vocal Mix)
  2. M&M – Don’t Stand In My Way
  3. Run Tings – Fires Burning
  4. Phuture Assassins – Future Sound
  5. Austin – Unity In Dub (Stop Go Mix)
  6. Run Tings – Back Again (Austin Remix)
  7. Krome & Time – The Slammer
  8. Ill Figure – Untouchable
  9. Johnny Jungle – Johnny 94 (Origin Unknown Remix)
  10. DJ Hype – Dub Plate Fever
  11. Remarc – Ice Cream & Syrup (Hard Mix)
  12. The Undercover Agent & Kriminal – World Mash Up
  13. DJ Rap & Aston – Get Rushed
  14. The Dream Team – Stamina (Dread Bass Remix)
  15. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Peace & Loveism (4 Hero Remix)
  16. D’Cruze – I Believe (92 Revamp)
  17. Kromozone – The Rush (Sub Bass Mix)
  18. Time Base aka Krome & Time – Unity
  19. Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco
  20. GTO – Pure (Pure Energy)